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    Patrick Augé Sensei's Greeting to the Martial Arts Community concerning his participation in the Friendship Demonstration 2002

    Mr. Stanley Pranin describes Isoyama Sensei as a teacher who lives according to his teaching. To be exposed to such individuals, even for a short time, can be an invaluable experience that stays forever. Like everyone else, I was looking forward to participating in Isoyama Sensei's clinic. Therefore, news of Isoyama Sensei's unfortunate withdrawal and Mr. Pranin's offer to replace him as a teacher at the Aiki Expo took me by surprise.

    Like most aikido exponents, I know very little about other schools. Consequently, I consider this gathering as a chance to meet with other serious practitioners and recognize their value beyond the technical appearance. This way, we can better appreciate O-Sensei's message by seeing what others have been doing with it.

    Our teacher, Minoru Mochizuki Sensei, and our sempai had already lectured and demonstrated at an earlier Friendship Demonstration in Tokyo. After careful consideration, I thought that a new opportunity had come to demonstrate this little known form of aikido for educational purposes. I am planning to demonstrate and teach some concepts and techniques that may be a reminder of the pre- World War II period and some others that were developed by Mochizuki Sensei.

    We are grateful to Mr. Pranin, his wonderful wife and children, and the whole Aikido Journal /AikiNews staff for their dedication and hard work to educate the aikido community. My students and I will participate in this event to offer our contribution in making it a success.

    Thank you for the opportunity and the honor. I am looking forward to meeting all of you and sharing our insights regarding this path we travel.

    Patrick Augé Sensei, March 2002

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