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The Yoseikan Budo Style
Minoru Mochizuki | Words of Minoru Mochizuki

Words of Minoru Mochizuki

“Flexibility overcomes stiffness.”

“Please think during practice.”

Seiza is the proper sitting posture and breathing to clear the mind of distractions, and prepare a sharp and clear state of mind for what is coming next.”

“Bowing (Rei Ho) is the way to express our respect to others. Our existence is nothing without the existence of others. Society is based on this principle. It properly sets the mind for complete and intensive training with the common understanding that all are to respect the established rules.”

“I have retained three things from my work with Ueshiba Sensei: living free, not imposing anything on others, and knowing how to give.”

“Whether in life or in the study of the martial arts, everything is a question of balance. When we learn a technique, we receive, when we teach it, we give. When we give, we therefore don't lose anything, because in return, if our gift is sincere in our spirit, we always learn a truth.”

“We must visit the world to evolve. In this way, we understand that the martial arts do not belong to any nation and that experience comes from sharing with others.”

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