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Patrick Augé Sensei
Budo Yoseikan, North American Hombu Dojo

Kaoru Sugiyama Sensei
Budo Yoseikan, North American Hombu Dojo

David Gregg Sensei
Yoseikan Budo in Austin

Rhéaume Laliberté Sensei
Yoseikan Aikido School of Gatineau

Yves Boudreau Sensei
North Carolina Yoseikan Budo

Bernard Monast Sensei
Yōseikan Budō Aikidō School of Granby

Joe Capogreco Sensei
Orleans Recreation Complex Aikido Club

Mario Forget Sensei
Yoseikan Aikido School of Gatineau

Mario Forget Sensei, 3rd dan

Mario Forget Sensei has the IYBF rank of black belt, 3rd dan. In 1982, as a student of the local College (CEGEP de l’Outaouais), he began his training with Patrick Augé Sensei. He then joined the evening Aikido Club. In 1995, he joined the Academy of Martial Arts Yoseikan in Ottawa. In 2004, he joined the Gatineau Dojo with Rheaume Laliberté Sensei.

In addition to his Martial Arts training, Mario Forget Sensei has studied First Aid & C.P.R., Mental health First aid, Crisis Intervention and Suicide Prevention. Through his work and training, these skills have made him a compassionate leader.

He has attended numerous summer and winter camps and many clinics over the years and has travelled to Los Angeles many times to study with Patrick Augé Sensei and Kaoru Sugiyama Sensei.

Since becoming a shodan, Mario Forget Sensei substituted for many teachers in the Ottawa/Gatineau dojos before starting to teach University of Ottawa morning sessions in 2011. Since September 2018, Mario Forget Sensei now focusses on teaching classes at the Gatineau Dojo with Joe Capogreco Sensei and Daniel Côté Sensei.

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