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    ONE: Ichi.
    TWO: Ni.
    THREE: San.
    FOUR: Shi.
    FIVE: Go.
    SIX: Roku.
    SEVEN: Shichi.
    EIGHT: Hachi.
    NINE: Ku.
    TEN: Ju.


    ARIGATO: Thank you.
    DOMO ARIGATO GOZAIMASHITA: Thank you very much for what you have done (polite form, spoken by students at the end of a class).
    GOMEN NASAI: I'm sorry, excuse me.
    HAJIME: Begin.
    MATE: Wait.
    ONEGAI SHIMASU: I make a request (spoken when one wishes to practice with a fellow student or teacher).
    YAME: Stop.


    AI: harmony; unity.
    AIKIDO: AI= harmony KI= life force DO= The way or path.
    AIKIDOKA: Practitionner of Aikido.
    ATEMI: Diverting, defensive strike or blow.
    BO: Long wooden staff.
    BOKKEN: Wooden sword used in practice.
    BUDO: Martial arts.
    BUSHIDO: The warrior's code/way.
    CHUDAN: Middle position (chest/stomach).
    DAN: Black belt rank (1st dan to 10th dan).
    DO: The path or way.
    DOJO: Place where we practice martial arts.
    DOJO-CHO: Person in charge of the dojo.

    GEDAN: Low position (legs).
    GI: Uniform.
    HAI: Yes.
    HAKAMA Wide-skirted pants worn over gi by Aikido black belts.
    HANMI: Triangular (T-)stance.
    HANTAI: Reverse, opposite.
    HARA: Stomach, lower abdomen.
    HIDARI: Left.
    IRIMI: Entering.
    JODAN: High position (head).
    JIYUU: Free style.
    KANGEIKO: Intensive winter training camp.
    KATA: Fixed form; prescribed set of movements executed alone.
    KATANA: Medium length japanese sword, blade.
    KI: Life force; vital energy.
    KIAI: Sharp shout created from the hara often used in martial arts.
    KOHAI: Junior student.
    KYU: Undergraduate rank preceeding the black belt(usually 6th kyu to 1st kyu).
    MA-AI: Distance of engagement.
    MIGI: Right direction.
    RANDORI: Free-style practice with multiple attackers.
    REI: (command) to bow.
    SEIZA: Formal sitting position.
    SEMPAI: Senior student.
    SENSEI: Teacher.
    SHIHAN: Master teacher.
    SHINKOKYU: Deep breathing.
    SHODAN: First degree black belt.
    SUBURI: Single movement using sword or staff (bokken/bo/jo) normally done alone.
    TAI-SABAKI: Body movements.
    TANTO: Wooden knife.
    TORI: The one receiving the attack (defender).
    UCHI: Inside.
    UCHI-DESHI: Live-in student who trains full time at the dojo.
    UKE: The person providing the attack.
    UKEMI: Fall.
    WAZA: Technique.
    ZANSHIN: Continuity; remaining aware and prepared for the next attack; unbroken concentration.

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